Cheap Melissa shoes, These are your child needs during a flood

Girls are always lovely and full of not resistant to the gift of mind, as long as you know how to send me a poem and gadgets. I don’t need Tiffany. Today, vivienne westwood necklace we recommend for lovely adorable (hey, actually is the season to summer, one more excuse to buy buy buy! You know that is good).
Vivienne Westwood of the punk rock and Melissa sweet Qin people together is what taste? In the case of Melissa the sweet hair of the younger sister paper, the queen mother also received increasingly convergent. Colorful transparent bold color, vivienne westwood jewellery wake up on the summer ice cream, lawn, shade, candy memory, the moment of age.
A when it comes to Ted Baker, you will associate it home everywhere bow. Those embellishment in the bow hand bag, shoulder bag is indeed reduce the old magic, it is estimated that you already tired of watching. In fact, in addition to bags, garments, wholesale vivienne westwood it at home a lot of accessories also led flood, such as printed below the macarons color building iPad small clothes.

So speaking of sandals to think of when I was a child always wearing plastic sandals, Juegan that light, translucent bright colors left of every childhood summer the most distinctive imprint. Now this plastic sandals is still popular, from international big to small tide brand, is full of plastic shoes! They also use more rich colors and styles by extension, and was given a new name — “jelly shoes”.
The most powerful jelly shoes should belong to the Brazilian brand Melissa. It not only occupies the advantages of low production cost, and the courage to open up, and fashion designers, their own brand of plastic shoes from simple to promotion to the Chao family goods.
Seven princess love jelly shoes, a color change to wear black shoes were worn, kitten fire, purchasing their most headache off payment. This year also launched a pearl, and more colors, like NUNUNU, with the smell of the fragrance.
Sweet fruit series is this year’s hot, every kind of color are filled with the flavor of the summer, Melissa jelly shoes not only material with a waterproof, breathable, comfort features, design also pay attention to ergonomic shoe mold development. Melissa + Vivienne Westwood co-operation models, less some cute and a somewhat aristocratic ~ can with hemp with parents and children, together with a beautiful!
2016 the new spring and summer, the ice cream fell instep, full of childlike ~ fall instep and gingerbread man, designers brain hole praise ~ this matte translucent, the basic models, Vivienne Westwood Melissa simple atmosphere are wood with childhood memories ~ jelly shoes so popular, each big brand nature can not let go, powder have launched a variety of styles, pleasing to the eye in the ~

vivienne westwood melissa – The most sweet and soft shoes in the world


There is a legend in the shoes, it smells like a lollipop so sweet, very soft. Never wear foot care, very simple, rainy day treading water deformation, hot air is. A few hundred dollars of the cost of the young and old, so perfect? Yes, you guessed it, it is popular around the world Brazil plastic shoe brand Melissa!

Melissa was founded in 1971 in Brazil, belonging to the Grendene group. (Grendene group has been Washington Post called Brazil’s jelly giant Jelly Giant Brazilian”. In addition, supermodel Gisele Ipanema has worked with Ipanema flip flops is Grendene group. )

When it comes to Vivienne Westwood Store, not to mention her family’s material. This is not an ordinary plastic shoes. The natural gum through scientific processing, not only can do skin allergy, wearing comfortable, looked very texture. And 99% recyclable, buried in soil can also be 100% was degraded, all of a sudden feeling of the wearer with feedback earth ritual sense have wood has? And really, each pair of shoes are soft and smells the scent of lollipop is how to do?
Melissa over the years has been from various fields and famous designer cross-border cooperation, such as the British “punk” godmother of Cheap Vivienne Westwood, Karl Lagerfeld, budding Chinese designer Jason Wu, bold fearless British designer Gareth Pugh, to J.Maskrey crystal theme and design of famous designers, and native to Brazil’s famous designers brothers Campana brothers, the architect Zaha Hadid, the famous industrial designer Karim Rashid et al. All the big ah, the key is the price is not more than 1000 yuan.

vivienne westwood melissa and star cooperation can never fall, from Hollywood’s most sexy dancer Dita von Teese, a popular female singer Katy Perry, to British personality model Agyness Deyn. Plastic shoes have never been so close and sweet and sexy together.

Vivienne Westwood Melissa became the new favorite of more and more girls is not without reason, the price is not expensive, starting price is basically the domestic counter 1 / 2-2 / 3. Encounter big promotion or discount season, half of the counter or even 1/3 price must be properly. Pretty comfortable to wear and sweet taste accompanied by bursts of dirty, wet towel wipes, love it for get?

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